Mike Tyson tells Conan O'Brien how he went from a "hard stallion to a wet noodle" when he saw Robin Givens with Brad Pitt | Sharapova's Thigh

Mike Tyson was on Conan Tuesday night, and the crazy former boxer was every bit as awesome on the show as you'd expect.

Tyson told a few hilarious stories, with the highlight of those being a story about a time he went to see his ex-wife, Robin Givens. Givens was still Tyson's ex-wife at the time the story took place, but apparently (by the way Tyson makes it sound) the two were still sort of "seeing each other" (banging).

Well, one day Tyson went over to Givens' house with the hopes of getting it on, and there was no answer when he rang the door bell. He started walking back to his car, and her car then pulled up... only to also have Brad Pitt in it. Said Tyson, "I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle."

Here's video of Tyson telling the story:


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