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Cornerback Justin Bethel is considered a late-round prospect for this week's NFL Draft. Here's the write-up about him on his NFL.Com prospect profile:

Bethel was a four-year starter at Presbyterian College. Big for his position, he is regarded as a very heady player who can use his physicality to influence receivers from the boundary corner spot. His athleticism and run-support skills make him an interesting late-round prospect.

STRENGTHS Bethel is very effective against the pass and run. He is physical both when making tackles and working on the line of scrimmage in man-to-man coverage. His athletic ability allows him to react to the ball in man schemes, and he has the explosiveness to come downfield and make plays in zone coverage.

WEAKNESSES There are concerns about the level of competition he faced in college and how steep his learning curve will be in the NFL. He is smart but was caught flat-footed at times in man-to-man coverage. He also takes false steps off the snap and labors to get into his backpedal. He will have to improve in both areas to succeed as a pro.
At the NFL Combine, Bethel had a 39.5-inch vertical jump, but in this video, we see Bethel jumping a RIDICULOUS 60 inches vertically:

So why the major difference between that jump and the 39.5 number at the combine? Shutdown Corner's Chris Chase explains:

Bethel's official vertical leap at the combine in February was "only" 39.5 inches, which was tops for a defensive player and fifth overall. Why the difference between that number and his estimated 60-inch leap in the video? They come from two different measurements, for starters. The vertical leap at the combine is the difference between a player's flat-footed reach and his reach while leaping.
Whatever the case, I'm incredibly impressed by Bethel's hops.

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