The Miami Dolphins are your 2012 representative for HBO's 'Hard Knocks' | Sharapova's Thigh

HBO's been pretty much begging many NFL teams to be their representative for the 2012 season of Hard Knocks, which gives viewers an (awesome) in-depth look at the NFL training camp life. Most organizations understandably don't want the distraction of HBO all over their facilities as they prepare for their upcoming season, and don't want the possibility of some valuable information being caught on camera (even though they get a say in much of what is televised). Many organizations just don't even want the general public knowing how they go about their business.

Well with training camp time not so far away, HBO recently set a June 1st deadline for finding a team to showcase this season. And finally, on Tuesday, it was announced that the Miami Dolphins will be this year's Hard Knocks team:

This is probably the last team HBO would want for the series. The Dolphins are probably the least talented roster in the NFL (right now on paper at least), and they have very few players the average NFL fan has even heard of.

Having said that (Larry David'd), that's why doing Hard Knocks makes plenty of sense from the Dolphins' perspective (when it makes little sense for most every other organization in the league). Again, this roster offers little reason for optimism, and it's been well-documented over the last year+ how angry the Dolphins' fan base is. They need as much (positive) publicity as possible, and have nothing to lose with this move.

However, for those of us that are fans of Hard Knocks, and were hoping for a captivating team to be showcased... this really sucks. Hopefully we can get an intense kicker battle in the Dolphins' camp, featuring Ray Finkle.

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