"Erin Andrews' boobs: too good to be true?", asks TMZ after seeing these bikini photos | Sharapova's Thigh

Bikini pictures of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews surfaced on Tuesday, and after seeing the pictures, TMZ said her boobs may be "too good to be true".

TMZ even put up a poll question which asked their readers, "Erin's boobs... Real or Fake?" At the moment (after 100,000+ votes), 55% of their readers say the boobs are fake.

Just what this woman needs, right? First she gets some creepy asshole videotaping her through a peephole while she's naked in a hotel room, and then the one time we see bikini pictures of her, the first response is whether or not she has breast implants.

But, anyway, here's some of the pictures that sparked the debate:

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