This awesome short film includes surfing in a Middle Eastern wave pool, a Lamborghini, & 10 Russian models in bikinis | Sharapova's Thigh

Highly recommended to watch this badass short film from Globe, 'Electric Blue Heaven', in full screen and HD:

Here's more on the video from its Vimeo page:

Introducing Globe's ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN, a short, conceptual film featuring Dion Agius in the WORLD'S BEST WAVE POOL!

A few weeks back, Dion Agius and crew embarked on a journey to the Middle East. A journey for waves. A journey that would bring Dion to unleash on the world's best man made wave. A studio for surfing. Smack in the middle of a desert mountain range in a foreign land.

There was a concept. A concept involving 10 Russian models, a Lamborghini, and Dion boosting virtually every air in the book, plus a couple new ones. Electric blue water contrasting against wild mountainous backdrops.

A story was captured. Captured through the lenses of Joe G, DJ Struntz, Beren Hall, and Grady Archbold. Motion & Still. Film & HD. The story will be told through the pages of our global media partners and through this short film directed by Joe G.

For the full story check out the latest issue of SURFING MAG (USA), STAB (AUS), DESILLUSION (EU), SURFIN' LIFE (JAP), LA FLUIR (BRA), 7 MARES (CENTRAL AMERICA), and CARVE (UK).

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