Video shown at E3 of the new "Infinity Engine" in 'Madden NFL 13' | Sharapova's Thigh

Finally, a physics-driven engine in 'Madden' that is known as the "Infinity Engine", and proof of it debuted at E3 today. Here's a quick explanation of it from EA Sports:

With Physics You Can Feel, Madden NFL 13 delivers Next Generation gameplay today. Powered by the all-new Infinity Engine, true player impact and authentic momentum transfer ensure that no two plays ever look or feel the same.

And the video for it shown at E3:

Madden greatly needed an overhaul to the engine like this. The gameplay was feeling the same for about a decade straight.

Now, obviously EA Sports is going to make the trailer so it appears as the Infinity Engine is the greatest addition in video game history, but we'll have wait and see how it actually plays.

Still, from what you can see in the video, and what they're saying, this is all very promising stuff.

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