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River Monsters' Jeremy Wade showing off the "ball cutter".

In an episode of River Monsters, extreme angler (and all-around badass) Jeremy Wade concluded that a fish species known as the "pacu" was responsible for biting off the testicles of two fishermen in the waters of Papua New Guinea. The Papua New Guinea residents even refer to the pacu as the "ball cutter".

Well isn't it comforting to know that these ball cutters are now being found in an Illinois lake?

The pacu, a toothy fish that can weigh up to 55 pounds, has been spotted in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois, KSDK reports.

Responding to a report that a fisherman had reeled in a piranha on June 7, lake superintendent Jim Caldwell brought the fish to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, where it was identified as a pacu. Some reports say another pacu was seen a couple of weeks later.

Caldwell said he is still swimming in the lake nearly every day. Pacus primarily eat nuts, aquatic vegetation and snails, he told KDSK, and pose no real threat to humans.
Oh, Jim Caldwell. You said it yourself: the pacu eat nuts. Dude, we're talking testicles, not Planters.

And shocking that Caldwell says all is just fine in the water during this fourth of July season and people have nothing to worry about, right? Stop me if you've heard this one before.

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