Yes, this is a real Marshawn Lynch corn maze in Olympia, Washington | Sharapova's Thigh

Complete with the "Beast Mode" phrase, and I can only assume that some Skittles can be found on the ground:

Here's more about the corn maze (located at Olympia, Washington's Rutledge Farm), from MyNorthwest.Com:

"Every year, it's a big decision, but we really enjoyed his Beast Mode and the fans were so behind that," says Camille Hemenway, of Rutledge.

The image was laid-out by GPS and not cut into a planted field.

She says the maze, planted in March, will open to the public on Aug. 10 and Lynch will visit Sept. 1 to help raise money for his charity, Fam 1st Foundation and sign autographs.

Hemenway says his charity is aimed at empowering and uplifting kids the in Bay Area, where Lynch lives.

"This one is going to take a little bit of time to get through. It's combined two mazes and it should take you a good hour and a half, two hours to get through," says Hemenway.
No word yet as to whether or not people will be allowed to drive drunk through the maze, to make it an even more Marshawn Lynch-like experience.

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