PIC: There's a Peyton Manning Corn Maze in Greeley, CO | Sharapova's Thigh

Just last week, I tweeted, "If there's a worse town in Colorado than Greeley, I haven't been to it." And I say that as somebody that lives in Colorado, and has for the last 15+ years now.

While in most towns you might notice a landmark or something other than an official town sign to make you realize you've arrived in a town, you know you're in Greeley when it smells like complete shit. I mean, it's bad. My buddy Brandon grew up in Greeley, and as he always says, "You get used to the smell, but that certainly doesn't make it any better."

Well, while Greeley is generally terrible, they do have something going on that's pretty neat: a Peyton Manning corn maze (picture via @CodyCrouch).

You may remember that last month, we posted a Marshawn Lynch "Beast Mode" corn maze that's located in Olympia, Washington. So I guess making NFL player corn mazes is the new thing? Alrighty then.

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