The most incredible 2-point conversion you'll ever see | Sharapova's Thigh

Yesterday we showed you the amazing behind-the-back 30-yard touchdown pass from a Purdue intramural game, and now, we bring you video of another awesome "trick" football pass. And this one actually took place during a really important situation of a high school game.

Before you watch the video, read Prep Rally's Cameron Smith explanation of the play, and what led up to it:

The action unfolded in Washington State, where Tumwater (Wash.) High was facing off against highly-ranked Olympia (Wash.) Capital High. In a tight game, Tumwater quarterback Jayden Croft connected with tight end Jamie Bryant on a 4-yard touchdown grab with just under 3:00 remaining. The grab brought Tumwater within two-points at 21-19, setting up a two-point conversion to tie the game or, in all likelihood, seal a loss. 

The resulting play was one of the gutsiest, most bizarre calls anyone could imagine. Tumwater coach Sid Otton called for a trick play on which Croft would toss up the ball with his back to goal, putting it in play on the goal line and hoping that the 6-foot-5 Bryant, a Washington commit, would get up to catch it.

And here's video of the play:

Deadspin's Barry Petchesky summarized the play well: "Quarterback Throws The Ball Like A Wedding Bouquet, And Holy Crap It Works."

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