VIDEO: There was a 129-yard touchdown return on a missed field goal in a CFL game | Sharapova's Thigh

You may remember Trent Guy from his days as a University of Louisville football player. Those are days that he probably doesn't like to remember, because during that time (2008 to be exact), he was shot in the back at a club.

Or you may remember him from spending training camps with the Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers. Again, days he probably doesn't like to remember, because he was unable to make the team any of those times.

Well, now he's playing in the CFL for the Montreal Alouettes, and on Sunday, had a ridiculously awesome play that would be impossible to pull of in the NFL. And I'm not saying that it would be impossible due to the talent level of the NFL, but rather because the field is not long enough. As Deadspin's Barry Petchesky points out, "The CFL field is 110 yards instead of the NFL's 100. And the end zones are each 20 yards deep, instead of 10."

So, yeah, watch Guy return a missed field goal 129 freaking yards for a touchdown in the Alouettes' 31-10 victory over the Toronto Argonauts:

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