Just another example of why LeBron James should drive to the basket every time he has the ball | Sharapova's Thigh

Good luck stopping this, defenders:

LeBron's already the best basketball player on the planet, and the scary thing is that he can still be much, much better.

Just an insane talent with a size/athleticism combo we've never seen in the NBA. And it seems that many times, he forgets that; he forgets his strengths. He seems so intent on showing everybody he can hit the fadeaway J to close out a game a la MJ, when he could simply drive to the basket and at least draw a foul, if not make the shot for two points.

When LeBron drives to the rim, you're rarely going to stop him. In most instances, you might as well just get out of the way like the Hornets did on that dunk.

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