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Warning: This video contains plenty of NSFW language (and that's what makes it so fun!):

First things first: "Look at me, Mr. Fucking Howdy Doody!" has to be one of the greatest things you've ever heard one coach yell at another coach, right?

Anyway, that video took place after the Falcons' 28-27 victory over the Cowboys on Saturday . The reason Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen was so furious with Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun, is because he thought that Air Force faked an injury before a play that became the Falcons' game-winning touchdown.

Here's more, from CBS Sports:

Christensen later questioned whether Dietz was injured, noting the quarterback walked about 20 yards before taking a knee near the Falcons sideline. He said the several minutes that trainers attended to Dietz gave Air Force time to strategize the next play. 

"There was nothing wrong with that player except that his helmet came off," Christensen said. "And I have a real problem with that." 

About eight minutes remained in the game, and the Falcons had all three timeouts remaining. 

Before Pearson entered, the referee announced that Dietz, by rule, had to leave the game because his helmet came off. 

"In this game we're supposed to be ethical and that's not ethical," Christensen said. "I don't know what they teach at Air Force, but I'm not going to teach that to my kids. I want my guys to get off the field when they're hurt, and we don't want to stop the game."

Next year's battle between these Mountain West teams already has quite a fun storyline set up.

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