The Parkour video to hopefully end Parkour forever | Sharapova's Thigh

I've posted a bunch of parkour videos on here over the years, always of people failing miserably, of course. Because why would I have any interest in supporting an activity that simply involves a bunch of dickheads climbing and jumping around the neighborhood like, well, dickheads?

And then I came across this video today which I hope all of the parkourers (I hope I got that wrong) see themselves. Not only do we get a nice reminder of how completely lame parkour is, but we see how you can easily destroy the hell out of yourself while doing it.

I can see the reactions now: "But that's why parkour is so cool, bro. It's extreme, a challenge, an amazing adrenaline rush."

No, trying to jump building to building is not cool, it's goddamn idiotic. And ultimately, you'll end up paying the price for it, just like this guy did (He's not dead, but he's certainly not doing well either, as the video will explain at the end):

Is it worth it? Easiest answer of all-time: No.

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