VIDEO: The scene at Georgia State's 'Cash Drop' went as expected | Sharapova's Thigh

In an effort to boost attendance, Georgia State University held a 'Cash Drop'for their football game against New Hampshire on Saturday.

$10,000 worth of vouchers were dropped from the Georgia Dome ceiling, and according to the following video's YouTube page, "300 lucky GSU students were able to grab what they could".

And before you watch the video, Frank Schwab of Yahoo's Dr. Saturday prepares you for some of its notable moments:

There are a few nice tackles (one particularly good collision happens on the bottom right of the screen at 36 seconds, and there's another takedown on the bottom left of the screen at 43 seconds) and fans diving and sliding around the Georgia Dome turf to grab the envelopes with the vouchers inside.

Here's the video:

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