VIDEO: adidas' 'The Return of D-Rose', Episode 5 (Drive) | Sharapova's Thigh

adidas released the fifth episode of their awesome video documentary series, 'The Return of D-Rose', which is about Derrick Rose's recovery from a torn ACL.

The episode is titled 'Drive', and adidas adds, " 'Drive' is inspired by Derrick’s motivation that fuels his recovery – to be a better person and make his family and city proud by winning championships."

Here's the video, which even has some footage of the Chicago Bulls' superstar point guard shooting and dribbling around at the gym:

And here's the transcript:

Derrick Rose

Going through what I went through as a kid all I’m trying to do now is just trying to better myself as a person.

I came a long way where in my neighborhood you wasn't really trying to better yourself you just trying to survive.

When I was hoopin’ I didn’t think about nothing else but winning the game. Whatever I had going on at the crib or any problems I had that was my leeway.

When I was growing up my thing was just changing my mom's lifestyle. She's my mom, my father; I can talk to her about anything. She's like my friend. Our relationship is definitely strong.

Its family first no matter what’s going on, the people that’s going to be with you til’ the end is your family. From looking at me you will never know what I went through because I don’t want you to know. As bad as it was I got through it and that’s why I am the person I am today.

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