VIDEO: Kevin Garnett gives Ray Allen the cold shoulder in Celtics-Heat season-opener | Sharapova's Thigh

After playing for the Boston Celtics in the last five NBA seasons, 10-time All-Star Ray Allen rejected a two-year, $12-million offer from the team in the offseason, and instead chose to go to the 'dark side', signing a three-year deal with the Miami Heat. And wouldn't you know it, the Celtics and Heat are meeting to open the NBA season tonight in Miami (technically the Washington Wizards/Cleveland Cavaliers game was first, but nobody cares).

Well, when Allen entered the game off the bench in a sixth-man role, he first went over to the Boston bench to say 'what's up' to his old pals. And Kevin Garnett wasn't having any of that.

Watch KG give Allen the cold shoulder:

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