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There's lots of crazy shit going on in the Middle East, but I think a food item available at the Pizza Huts there may even be the craziest.

Behold the "Crown Crust Pizza":

Thigh Five: LA Times

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Cornerback Justin Bethel is considered a late-round prospect for this week's NFL Draft. Here's the write-up about him on his NFL.Com prospect profile:

Bethel was a four-year starter at Presbyterian College. Big for his position, he is regarded as a very heady player who can use his physicality to influence receivers from the boundary corner spot. His athleticism and run-support skills make him an interesting late-round prospect.

STRENGTHS Bethel is very effective against the pass and run. He is physical both when making tackles and working on the line of scrimmage in man-to-man coverage. His athletic ability allows him to react to the ball in man schemes, and he has the explosiveness to come downfield and make plays in zone coverage.

WEAKNESSES There are concerns about the level of competition he faced in college and how steep his learning curve will be in the NFL. He is smart but was caught flat-footed at times in man-to-man coverage. He also takes false steps off the snap and labors to get into his backpedal. He will have to improve in both areas to succeed as a pro.
At the NFL Combine, Bethel had a 39.5-inch vertical jump, but in this video, we see Bethel jumping a RIDICULOUS 60 inches vertically:

So why the major difference between that jump and the 39.5 number at the combine? Shutdown Corner's Chris Chase explains:

Bethel's official vertical leap at the combine in February was "only" 39.5 inches, which was tops for a defensive player and fifth overall. Why the difference between that number and his estimated 60-inch leap in the video? They come from two different measurements, for starters. The vertical leap at the combine is the difference between a player's flat-footed reach and his reach while leaping.
Whatever the case, I'm incredibly impressed by Bethel's hops.

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I'm a sucker for the Disney Pixar films. They're just amazing to stare at for an hour and a half, and usually have pretty good plots to boot. Toy Story 3 was absolutely fantastic.

Well the next Pixar film is called Brave, and it will hit theaters on June 22nd. A teaser trailer for it has been out for a while, but a much more in-depth trailer was released today.

Check it out:

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Posted by Matt Clapp | 4/23/2012 01:57:00 PM | ,

Usually I hate frogs. Slimy, jumpy little assholes. But I can't hate on this frog that's getting his Forrest Gump on here. Just chillin on a white bench waiting for somebody to join him for awesome story time. "They couldn't believe somebody would do all that hopping for no particular reason. I just felt like hopping."

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I've never seen photoshoot anything like this from Reebok, but I sure as hell we see more of them. These Miranda Kerr pictures are incredibly drool-inducing:

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During the series finale of Frozen Planet on Sunday night, Discovery Channel showed the first trailer for their next big nature series from the Frozen Planet and Planet Earth people, North America.

North America will be an eight-part series in 2013, and took five years to make. As anybody that's seen Frozen Planet and Planet Earth would expect, North America looks freaking awesome.

Here's the trailer (and if you'd like to see it on a bigger video player, you can do so at the Discovery Channel website):

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If you know anything about baseball cards, you know that THE baseball card is the 1909 Honus Wagner card. It's to baseball cards what Maria Sharapova is to thighs.

Well, the card of the Hall of Famer was released in cigarette packs by American Tobacco Co., and is incredibly rare. It's believed that there are only 60 of these cards still in existence.

And one of those cards sold for $1.2 million today in an online auction:

A 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card sold for $1.2 million on Friday.

A New Jersey man was the highest of 14 bidders in the online auction.

"I am actually thrilled," said Bill Goodwin, a suburban St. Louis collectibles dealer who ran the online auction that began March 27 and ended early Friday.

"You know you always want to get a little more, but we did well. The final sale price is about $300,000 more than that of the last Wagner" of similar physical condition, Goodwin told stltoday.com.

Goodwin said the buyer is a New Jersey resident.
Source: Chicago Tribune

While $1.2 million seems like an insane price (and hey, it is) for a baseball card, the highest-graded Wagner card sold for over twice that in 2011, when Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick shelled out $2.8 million for it. Oh to be ridiculously rich.

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Every once in a while I feel bad for Andy Roddick. For as talented of a tennis player he's been, the 29-year-old's only won one grand slam title (2003 US Open). He's been to three Wimbledon finals, and four Australian Open semifinals, but couldn't get over the hump in those tournaments.

I've always said that Roddick was born at the wrong time to be a tennis player. While there's no doubt his game has plenty of flaws, in another era he would've had at least a couple more grand slam titles. He's playing at a time when the top three players (Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer) will go down as three of the best players to ever play the sport.

But then I think, wait a minute... how the hell can you feel bad for this dude? He gets to play tennis for a living, makes millions, and gets to go home to SUPERBABE Brooklyn Decker every night. Yeah, after looking at these pictures and video of Brooklyn Decker in the May issue of GQ, I am nothing but extremely jealous of Roddick:

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Rick Ankiel did that last night. Incredible.

However, not quite as incredible as these two throws the former pitcher made in ONE game against the Rockies years ago as a member of the Cardinals:

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In February, we informed you about EA Sports letting the fans vote for which former Heisman Trophy winner will join 2011 Heisman winner Robert Griffin II on the cover of 'NCAA Football 13'.

Here were the choices:

Barry Sanders, Desmond Howard, Marcus Allen, Doug Flutie, Eddie George, Herschel Walker, Charlie Ward, and Andre Ware.

As I (and anybody should've expected), Barry Sanders, the 1988 Heisman winner and Detroit Lions great, won the fan voting. And the picture above is what the cover will look like. So there you go.

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Maria Sharapova got a haircut

Posted by Matt Clapp | 4/17/2012 02:01:00 PM | , , , , , ,

Perhaps the biggest news in the existence of Sharapova's Thigh, actually has to do with Sharapova's hair, as the Thigh Goddess just got a haircut.

Usually I'm not a fan of the ladies going short with the hair, as really the only woman who I thought looked much better like that was Halle Berry.

But I actually think Maria pulls it off quite well:

I think it's a modern, sexy look. What do you guys think?

Thigh Five: Maria's Facebook Page; @eentegra (for tipping me on this, so give him a follow)

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From NBA.Com's latest team power rankings:

Thigh Five: Deadspin

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If you watch one video today, make it this video about Trent Richardson (who starred at running back for the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide and will likely be a top-5 pick in next week's NFL Draft) taking cancer survior Courtney Alvis to her senior prom:

You're the man, Trent. Awesome, awesome stuff.

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You surely showed up here expecting to see a commercial of the NBA's greatest player of all-time, but this commercial is actually about some random Larry David-looking dude that happens to also be named Michael Jordan. And like the people he meets in the video, you may also be disappointed that Air Jordan does not make an appearance.

Check it out:

Terrific commercial, and I'd definitely react the same way those people did. What a letdown you are, nerdy white Michael Jordan!

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Cavs star rookie Kyrie Irving goes boomshakalaka.

EA Sports' 'NBA Jam' Facebook page just posted the following:

Attention JAM fans! We have updated the rosters in game and ADDED the following players:

- Kyrie Irving
- Jimmer Fredette
- Jeremy Lin
- Derrick Williams
- Tristan Thompson
- Brandon Knight
- Kemba Walker
- MarShon Brooks
- Nene
- DeAndre Jordan
- Darren Collison
- Aaron Afflalo
- Roy Hibbert
- Kyle Lowry

Fans of the game, like myself, have been clamoring for a major roster update like this for months. Those are some outstanding additions to the game, with point guards Kyrie Irving and Jeremy Lin highlighting them. Putting 7'0" dunk and block star DeAndre Jordan alongside Blake Griffin in the game would be an awesome duo as well (if you don't feel like just kicking ass with Chris Paul instead).

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Before 2005 she was Cheryl Tweedy, and after marrying soccer star Ashley Cole in 2006, she decided to go by Cheryl Cole. Now, the Thigh of the Week alum just wants to go by "Cheryl".

“Cheryl is beginning a new chapter in her life so she doesn’t want to be associated with negative stuff from the past.

“She’s not removing Cole legally, it’s just a career statement. She’s in a really good place at the moment and wants to take life by the balls. She can’t wait to start performing live again and her new stage name has given her comeback an extra bit of spice.”
Okay then.

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Look, usually I'm all about the due dilegence and getting every bit of information possible on the prospect. Getting a full-on examination of his measurables, putting him through some in-depth interviews, studying hours of game tape, etc.

But I've seen all I need to see of this guy with the game film we've been presented here. Getting what had to be 20 stone skips and topping it off with a swag grade through the roof. Enough confidence to go out there and perform for us on the stone-skipping mound from day one.

And perhaps what I like most about him is in regards to signability. I feel he'd accept our offer of a minimum contract if we tossed in a Busch keg with free weekly refills.

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30 Rock
babe Katrina Bowden is featured in the new issue of FHM, which has a cheerleader theme. Certainly a theme we approve of.

Anyway, check out the pics and a video from the shoot:

Every male fan of the Georgia Bulldogs now is in love with Katrina Bowden.

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So on March 29th in Arizona, Scottsdale Community College and Yavapai College played a baseball game against each other. Here's the SCC recap I found on their website about the game:

The SCC Baseball team found their groove in their make-up game with Yavapai College on Thursday afternoon. After falling behind 6-0 early, the team and their bats woke up. Chris Sabanosh capped a remarkable rally with a two-run bomb to give the Artichokes a 9-8 lead int he 9th inning. the team tacked on an insurance run then held the Roughriders in check to post a big 10-8 win.
What they didn't care to tell you was that benches cleared during the game and the biggest cheap shot you'll ever see took place (keep an eye on second base):

Ridiculous. That punk douche better be kicked off the team, and hopefully kicked in the face.

Also, it's worth noting SCC's team name: The Fighting Artichokes.

UPDATE: The video we had up at first was taken down, but thanks to Bob's Blitz, we now have working video above.

Thigh Five: @jimmytraina

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That was Wayne Gretzky's daughter, Paulina, at a club in Los Angeles last night. Rocking some lingerie.

Really, could you be "asking for it" more than wearing lingerie to the club? You might as well just wear a shirt saying, "I NEED TO GET LAID". Much less effort in the outfit and gets the same point across.

Thigh Five: Barstool

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Barring the Colts unexpectedly taking Robert Griffin III with the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft (although many scouts and front office people think that may be the better decision), Andrew Luck will be the pick. We've already seen a ton of highlights of the Stanford product, and that will only increase over the next few weeks as we approach April 26th, the date for the draft's first round.

But I, and I assume you, had not seen this incredible highlight that I'm about to show you of Luck from his high school days. Here's the YouTube description of it:

One play left in the first half of the Stratford High School Homecoming Game on September , QB Andrew Luck loses his shoe, scrambles, spins out of a tackle, throws 50 yard pass to BJ Griffin.

And the video:

Thigh Five: Reddit

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Mike Tyson was on Conan Tuesday night, and the crazy former boxer was every bit as awesome on the show as you'd expect.

Tyson told a few hilarious stories, with the highlight of those being a story about a time he went to see his ex-wife, Robin Givens. Givens was still Tyson's ex-wife at the time the story took place, but apparently (by the way Tyson makes it sound) the two were still sort of "seeing each other" (banging).

Well, one day Tyson went over to Givens' house with the hopes of getting it on, and there was no answer when he rang the door bell. He started walking back to his car, and her car then pulled up... only to also have Brad Pitt in it. Said Tyson, "I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle."

Here's video of Tyson telling the story:


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In February we showed you some sextastic pictures of Bar Refaeli playing tennis in her underwear. Well now, we've come across something even better: VIDEO of Refaeli playing tennis in her underwear.

Check it out:

Thigh Five: Bob's Blitz

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EA Sports released a teaser video for the college football video game 'NCAA Football 13', which highlights sights and sounds in the game.

Check it out:

NCAA 13 will likely be released in the first couple weeks of July for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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For once, the "ankle-breaking crossover" phrase almost had literal meaning, as Lawson's crossover forced Anderson to actually get X-rays on his ankle. The X-rays came back negative, but that doesn't lessen the nastiness of Lawson's crossover, or the complete embarrassment Anderson feels right now.

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Swami, Slippy, Slappy, Swenson, September?

A few days ago we showed you video of Ron Burgundy announcing a sequel to Anchorman, and now, we have news that a Dumb & Dumber sequel (Dumb & Dumberer doesn't count) will begin filming in September.

If you are one of the few frequent readers of the Thigh, you may have noticed back in June when we shared the news that Jim Carrey would like to do a Dumb & Dumber sequel.

And today, Peter Farrelly, who directed Dumb & Dumber with his brother Bobby, told ComingSoon.Net that a sequel to the 1994 comedy will begin filming in September, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels both starring in it, thankfully:

"We're getting set to shoot 'Dumb and Dumber 2' in September," he says. "It's the first sequel we've ever done and we've got Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back."
"We did not do 'Dumb and Dumberer,'" he continues. "That was a studio thing. So we've always wanted to do a sequel and finally Jim called up. Jeff always wanted to do it. We always wanted to do it. Jim was busy, but he called and said, 'We've got to do this thing again.' He had just watched 'Dumb and Dumber' and he said, 'This is the perfect sequel. Let's do it.'"
As I said in the Anchorman post, Dumb & Dumber is easily my favorite movie ever, and Anchorman is #2. So you can definitely say that I'm pretty goddamn excited right now.

Now, all I have to say to Peter Farrelly and this sequel talk is, "Don't you go dyin' on me!"

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