Here's video of the Deonte Burton dunk I couldn't stop talking about last night | Sharapova's Thigh

Last night I was apparently one of the very few people on the planet watching the Mountain West college hoops game between UNLV-Nevada on CBS Sports Network. I say that because one of the best dunks I've seen all season took place, I was going nuts about it on Twitter... and nobody else was reacting at all (Sad face). Additionally, there was no video to be found of the play anywhere online in the few hours after it happened.

Well, as I knew would be the case, the dunk landed on SportsCenter's Top 10, and our buddy Alex Friedman (@DiehardSport) of DiehardSport.Com was able to get the SportsCenter video onto YouTube.

But enough of my yapping... check out the insane dunk from Nevada 6'1" point guard Deonte Burton on an inbounds alley-oop pass.

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