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Next Wednesday (February 20th), Sony is expected to announce the next Playstation console, which we'll assume is going to simply be named Playstation 4 (it's currently code-named "Orbis", though). And with the (expected) announcement, we may get some photos/videos/details of the new console.

But, (thanks to Destructoid) we already have an image of what is apparently a prototype Playstation 4 controller:

IGN is hearing from a "trusted source" that the controller is indeed a Playstation 4 prototype:

A trusted source has told IGN that this controller is real. However, our source notes that it's an early prototype. The controller, in other words, is likely to change between now and when the console launches. Sony has responded to our inquiry to note that it "can't comment on rumors or speculation", its typical response. We'll almost certainly find out what the final controller looks like at the PlayStation event in NYC on February 20.

Much of the controller looks very similar to the Playstation 3 controller, with two very notable exceptions that IGN's Colin Moriarty points out:

The much-rumored touch pad – a la the back of PlayStation Vita – appears at the center of the controller. There’s a small, mystery button to the left of the pad, above and to the right of the d-pad. Is this the rumored share button? Or is it a start or select button, both conspicuously abse

Meanwhile, there’s a glowing “something” on the top of the controller – most likely PlayStation Move-related – as well as a PlayStation button seemingly identical to the one on the PS3 controller. Above the PlayStation button appears to be a speaker, and what looks to be an audio jack is underneath the controller, perhaps used to plug in a headset.nt from this version of the controller?
We'll surely learn much more about the Playstation 4 next week.

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