Sigh: Grown man tramples over child to get Mariners home run ball (GIF) | Sharapova's Thigh

The Chicago White Sox and Seattle Mariners played a wild, wild game on Wednesday at Safeco Field, with the White Sox winning 7-5 after five hours and 42 minutes of baseball. The game went quite two more innings longer than it appeared it would after the White Sox put up a five-spot in the top of the 14th, but stunningly, the Mariners got five runs of their own in the bottom half of the inning to tie the game. This is after the game was 0-0 entering the fourth inning.

And the way the Mariners tied the game came on a grand slam from third baseman Kyle Seager. High-drama, incredible stuff... and sadly, the main thing most of us will take away from the grand slam was a man running over a child in an effort to retrieve the grand slam ball in the stands. Here it is in GIF form, via @cjzero:

I just got into a conversation about this recently with a buddy- I find few things (at least that don't involve a legitimate crime, and this might as well be one if you ask me) more pathetic than a grown adult fighting over a foul ball/home run ball with a child. If I'm at a game and get my hands on a foul ball/home run ball (or a ball kindly tossed into the stands by a player/coach), I'm giving that thing to the nearest child in seconds. It'll be a memory they'll have for the rest of their life, whereas you're just an adult with an $8 baseball. Yippee. Now, if it's like a record-setting home run ball, obviously you're keeping that. Otherwise, either let the kid retrieve the ball or hand them the ball after you get it.

And trampling a kid over for a ball? Pathetic. Chalk that guy up for "Douche of the Month".

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