GIF & VIDEO: Michigan State's Kurtis Drummond makes incredible one-handed interception | Sharapova's Thigh

The 2013 college football season is just two days old, but we may not see a better interception the rest of the season than the one made by Michigan State junior safety Kurtis Drummond on Friday, in the Spartans' 26-13 victory over the Western Michigan Broncos.

Check out video of Drummond making this absurd one-handed interception:

And here's the play in GIF form (thanks to @WorldOfIsaac)

That interception will be pretty damn tough to top this year.

And that wasn't the only awesome play on defense that Drummond was a part of in the game. In GIF form (thanks to SB Nation this time), watch the Spartans' Jairus Jones intercept a pass, and then lateral the ball to Drummond, who brings it back for six:

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