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We've always maintained that we'll support the Thigh Goddess, Maria Sharapova, no matter the situation, so I guess we have no choice but to support her decision to change her name to Maria Sugarpova for the two-week duration of the U.S. Open:

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has reportedly set in motion a plan to change her last name to Sugarpova for the duration of the U.S. Open. The Russian opened a candy company by that name and is said to have sunk half a million dollars into it. 

According to several reports, Sharapova has approached the Florida Supreme Court about the possibility of changing her name. 

Her plan, according to reports, would be to change her name back to Sharapova following the tournament.

Source: CBS Sports

So, um, yeah.

UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after that news broke, it was announced that Maria will not be changing her name, after all:

Maria Sharapova won't become the next World B. Free, Chad Ochocinco or Metta World Peace.

After what her agent calls serious consideration, the tennis player has decided not to change her name to Sugarpova for the US Open next week.
Source: ESPN.Com

Well that was fun.

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