PICS: Maria Sharapova Is In Yoga Pants For Nike's New Fitness App | Sharapova's Thigh

It's been slow around here at the Thigh of late for a variety of reasons, and don't worry, we won't let it stay that way. But one of the reasons for the slow activity of late, is that I recently started as a contributing writer at Next Impulse Sports (formerly known as Cosby Sweaters), and they do pretty much the same stuff we've always done around here (except with much more frequency and a load of quality writers).

Well, while I was just about to go make a post this afternoon on Next Impulse, I came across some gold, Jerry. Gold! Eight pictures of Maria Sharapova, in yoga pants. The Thigh Goddess, in yoga pants.

The pictures are from Nike, to promote the new "Nike Training Club Application". Specifically, Nike has Maria promoting their "New Year's Crush Workout", a 15-minute routine that gets the body a workout in all the right areas, and most importantly (in our opinion)- The Thigh.

Anyway, here's the pics:


And speaking of Maria, we will finally get to see her back in tennis action in the next few days, as the 2014 Australian Open (sports insomniac porn) is set to begin. 

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