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BBC and the Discovery Channel are coming back with what is basically considered a sequel to the incredible 'Planet Earth' series. It will be a seven-part series titled 'Frozen Earth'. The series will start on BBC One this fall, and the Discovery Channel in the spring of 2012.

Here's more on 'Frozen Planet', via Wikipedia:

The seven-part series will focus on life in the Arctic and Antarctic. The production team were keen to film a comprehensive record of the natural history of the polar regions, because climate change is affecting landforms such as glaciers, ice shelves, and the extent of sea ice.

Filming is currently underway, and will focus particularly on the challenges facing polar bears and arctic wolves in the north and adelie penguins and wandering albatross in the south, although storylines are still being developed. After an introductory episode, the next four episodes will depict the changing seasons at the poles, before a final episode focusing on mankind’s activities there. Filmmakers will be working in new locations, including Antarctica’s active volcanoes and the Russian Arctic. Sequences already captured include migrating eider ducks and footage of a fur seal colony from the air. The aerial photography will again use the Cineflex and Gyron cameras pioneered on Planet Earth, which enable steady footage to be captured from long-range without disturbing the animals.
And here's a trailer for 'Frozen Planet'(It's awesome, but I'm disappointed that the trailer is not in HD. Don't worry, the series will be):

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Hey Guys! Band Meeting... Bret? Present. Jemaine? Present. Murray? Present. Season 3? Not present.

Son of a bitch. We've had to wait so long for season 2 which doesn't even start until January on HBO, and now we get the news that the show almost surely will be done at the end of the season. It's understandably a pain in the ass to write all these songs for the episodes, but I wish there was some way to keep this absolutely hilarious show going. Also, they spelled the first word wrong in this article... it's Jemaine without an "r" dammit!
Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie have admitted that coming up with new songs for New Zealand's former "fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo" has proved difficult.

The first 12-part series, which aired on BBC4 last year, brought to life 25 songs that had been honed on the festival circuit, some of which had already appeared in the duo's Radio 2 series.

The TV series also included an episode written by UK comedy writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, who went on to create E4's first sitcom, The Inbetweeners.

In preparing the second, 10-part series, Clement told music magazine Q: "We've got a lot of half-songs. We've got an album's worth of beginnings of songs."

McKenzie added: "The second series seems to me like it would be a good end to the show. I feel like another 10... that will be enough."

HBO is due to air the second series in January. The BBC has yet to say when it will broadcast it.


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