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In July, I wrote about Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton's unbelievable speed, and how he was chasing Vince Coleman's single-season minor league stolen base record (145 stolen bases, set in 1983). And on Tuesday night, Hamilton indeed broke the record.

Watch Hamilton steal his 146th (!!!) base of the season:

That was Hamilton's third stolen base of the night, and he'd go on to steal another, for 147 on the season. Ridiculous.

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As a minor league baseball prospects junkie, I've been following Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton (ranked #27 on Baseball America's midseason top-50 prospects) closely this year. And maybe you should be following Hamilton closely too, because he, as Gus Johnson would say, has "getting-away-from-the-cops-speed". Yahoo's Jeff Passan wrote an article on Monday which even suggested that Hamilton may be the fastest baseball player ever.

After stealing 103 bases last season, Hamilton stole 104 bases in 125 attempts for the Bakersfield Blaze (Reds' single-A affiliate) this season. 104 STOLEN BASES IN 82 GAMES.

The shortstop recently moved up to double-A ball with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, and in five games there, has five stolen bases in six attempts (so, in total, Hamilton has 109 stolen bases in 87 minor league games this year).

And in last night's Blue Wahoos game, Hamilton showed off his amazing wheels on an inside-the-park home run that took him only 13.8 seconds to make it around the bases:


The record for stolen bases in a minor league season is 145, held by Vince Coleman. And before the All-Star Futures Game last week in Kansas City, Hamilton told CBS Sports, "Yeah, last year I didn't get to 100 until the last couple of games of the season. Then when I hit 100 this year, it didn't feel the same. Last year it was intense. This year it was just another stolen base. I guess 145 will be like 100 was last year. It is the record, 145, so last year when I got to 100 it was pretty intense -- so this year it will be 145. Well, 146 -- 145 would tie it. I don't want to just tie it."

Thigh Five: theScore's awesome MLB blog, Getting Blanked

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Yesterday I showed you how after current Cincinnati Reds manager, Dusty Baker, was fired as Chicago Cubs manager in 2006, he found human crap in the spot he usually stood at in the Wrigley Field dugout.

Well today, I'm thinking maybe St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright should take a dump on not just Dusty Baker's dugout spot in Cincinnati, but on Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes' usual location as well.

Wainwright, one of the best right-handed starting pitchers in all of baseball, appears to have a serious elbow injury that could sideline him for the entire season and require Tommy John Surgery. Such an injury may never allow Wainwright to pitch at the level he did before the injury, if he's even able to return to the majors.

But, Baker and Gomes sounded giddy over Wainwright's injury that will likely keep him out of the NL Central this season:
Jonny Gomes walked into the Cincinnati Reds spring training clubhouse early Wednesday morning singing at the top of his warbly voice.

The melody was not recognizable, but the words were plaintive: “Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone,” he sang joyously.

The reference was to St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright, sent back to St. Louis Tuesday to have his ouchy elbow examined.

A few minutes later, the telephone in manager Dusty Baker’s office rang while he was meeting with the writers and he said, “Hey, son. Thank you, my son. Thank you big-time. Significant, huh? A significant injury. Thank you, my son, for the tip. I love you.”

Baker hung up laughing and said, “That was my son, Darren, giving me the Wainwright Report. That’s my scout right there.”
H/T: Dayton Daily News

Stay classy, Reds.

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So my roommate and I are watching the Reds-Rockies game on television tonight, and just heard some heckling on the broadcast from a fan in attendance at Coors Field. Apparently, the fan doesn't think highly of Rockies' outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who is making a run at the Triple Crown and is possibly the leading MVP candidate in the National League.

Guess what? We actually took video of it! Thank you DVR and Flip video cameras.

Anyway, here's what the fan had to say while "CarGo" was on defense, and going after a base hit in left field(Note: NSFW language)-

Tough home crowd!

(And email me at if the video's been taken down. Damn MLB restrictions.)

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Next up in our "Random Retro Baseball Player" series, we look at the goggled Chris Sabo...

Years Played: 1988-1996.

Teams Played For: Cincinnati Reds(88-93, 96), Baltimore Orioles(94), Chicago White Sox(95), St. Louis Cardinals(95).

Positions: Third Base(831 Games), Right Field(13 Games), Left Field(9 Games), First Base(3 Games), Shortstop(2 Games).

Bats/Throws: Right/Right.

Career Line: .268 AVG, 494 R, 898 H, 116 HR, 426 RBI, 120 SB, .326 OBP, .445 SLG, .771 OPS.

Best Season: 1991- .301 AVG, 175 H, 26 HR, 88 RBI, 19 SB, .354 OBP, .505 SLG, .859. OPS.

Awards/Leaderboard: 3-Time NL All-Star(88, 90, 91).

1988 NL Rookie Of The Year.

In 1991, Top 10 In NL In Batting Average(9th-.301), Hits(3rd-175), Runs(10th-91), Doubles(5th-35), Home Runs(10th-26), Total Bases(4th-294), Extra Base Hits(5th-64), Slugging %(6th-.505), And OPS(9th-.859).

Fun Facts: Sabo wore prescription goggles which is what he's most remembered for now. He was even sponsored by LensCrafters(click to see a hilarious ad example, best part is he's holding the bat left-handed).

Sabo was busted for having a corked bat in his last season, 1996, and was given a 7-game suspension.

He was a key contributor on the Reds' 1990 World Series championship team. He led the team in home runs with 25, but particularly came through big when it mattered most in the World Series against the Oakland Athletics. He went 9 for 16 with 2 homers and 5 RBI, reaching base 11 times in four games as the Reds swept the A's. If not for starting pitcher Jose Rijo's dominance, it's very possible Sabo would have been the World Series MVP.

Sabo was then on the cover of the Sports Illustrated issue following the series.

Pete Rose was Sabo's manager in 1988 and 1989. He gave Sabo the nickname "Spuds" due to Sabo's resemblance to the popular Bud Light marketing dog at the time, "Spuds MacKenzie".

BallHype: hype it up!

Justin and I were chatting it up about baseball, talking about some players from the 90s. This is what we do with our pathetic lives. Anyway, I said, "Hey, this would be a cool idea for a weekly blog. Let's just choose a random baseball player from say the 80s or 90s and write about them."

So that's what we're going to do. First up in the series, Juan Samuel....

Years Played: 1983-1998.

Teams Played For: Philadelphia Phillies(83-89), New York Mets(89), Los Angeles Dodgers(90-92), Kansas City Royals(92 & 95), Cincinnati Reds(93), Detroit Tigers(94-95), Toronto Blue Jays(96-98).

Positions: 2B(1190 Games), CF(197 Games), 1B(73 Games), RF(40 Games), LF(34 Games), 3B(14 Games).

Career Line: .259 AVG, 873 R, 1578 H, 161 HR, 703 RBI, 396 SB, .315 OBP, .420 SLG, .735 OPS.

Best Season: 1987- .272 AVG, 28 HR, 100 RBI, 35 SB, .335 OBP, .502 SLG, .837 OPS.

Awards/Leaderboard: 3-Time All-Star(84, 87, 91).

NL Silver Slugger At 2nd Base In 1987.

Led NL In At Bats 3 Times(84-701, 85-663, 87-655).

Led NL In Triples 2 Times(84-19, 87-15).

Led NL In Strikeouts 4 Times(84-168, 85-141, 86-142, 87-162).

Led NL In Extra Base Hits In 1987(80).

Fun Facts: Juan shares the same birthday as me, December 9th. I've been well aware of that since being 6 years old living in Los Angeles while he was a member of the Dodgers.

In 1984, he set the MLB record for most at bats in a season by a right-handed hitter with 704.

Juan was inducted into the Philadelphia Phillies' Wall of Fame in 2008.

He had 102 career triples. No active player has that many.

He was the first player in MLB history to reach double-digits in his first 4 seasons in doubles, triples, home runs, and stolen bases.

His 4 straight years of leading the league in strikeouts are tied for the most consecutive years in doing so with Vince Dimaggio, Hack Wilson, and Reggie Jackson

He finished second in the NL in the Rookie of the Year voting in 1984, behind Dwight Gooden, who had one of the greatest rookie seasons in the history of baseball. However, The Sporting News named Juan their Rookie of the Year.

Some of the sabermetric freaks these days would not be a fan of Samuel's career, as he said, "You don't walk off the island(Dominican Republic), you hit."

He is currently the third base coach for the Baltimore Orioles.

And my favorite, he has a son named Samuel Samuel, but it's pronounced Sam-yull Sam-well.

Update(6/4/10): He's now the manager(on an interim basis at least) of the Baltimore Orioles.

BallHype: hype it up!

According to numerous sources, Reds OF Ken Griffey Jr. has been traded to the White Sox pending his approval. I guess Carl Everett was not available this year for Kenny Williams to deal for. Griffey who has over 10 years of major league service and more than 5 with his current team has the right to veto any deal if he chooses. However, the deal would seem to make sense for Griffey, he has been on a struggling Reds club for far to long as is likely to jump at a chance to leave.

This move is a curious one for the White Sox. They will have to make room for Griffey by sitting either Jim Thome or Paul Konerko on the bench. Both players are struggling this year but are making large salaries. The veteran Griffey is struggling some this year in his own right, hitting just .245 with an OPS below 800. Griffey would also have to play everyday in center field, something he hasn't done on a regular basis in a couple years. If the deal goes final we will let you know.

Update: ESPN is now reporting Griffey has approved the deal and is headed to the White Sox. The Reds will receive RHP Nick Masset and 2B Danny Richar in return.

Edit(Fly) - 1:01 - An odd move all around...Masset has pretty bad numbers and is already 26. Richar s 24 and is probably pretty much what he's going to be...a small power middle infielder. I have trouble declaring him a prospect.

Griffey is having an okay year and would provide an offensive upgrade across the board. I would assume this sends Konerko to the bench (dropped him on fantasy at the perfect time). But my understanding was that he'd been moved to RF to help his injury situation. Move him to CF and all bets are off. It's really a low risk, high reward proposition for the White Sox, though...they didn't give up anything that should have been in their long term plans.