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Most of you are probably aware by now that I'm pretty much obsessed with the world's greatest barroom video game, Golden Tee. So obviously I'm damn excited for Golden Tee 2013, which will be released in September 2012 (and therefore taking lots of dollar bills from me in September).

Golden Tee 2013 feature five new courses, and below we have video evidence (as well as written descriptions from the folks at Golden Tee) of the courses that will be available to play at a bar near you very soon:

Sequoia Grove
A truly one-of-a-kind setting, Calaveras, California houses the largest trees on the planet in one compact area. These Sequoias, which can get upwards of 20 feet in diameter at their base, seemingly blend in with the clouds. These gigantic obstacles are scattered throughout Sequoia Grove, and will push your virtual golfing creativity to its max. Be prepared to go under, around and even through them if you want to score low!

Coconut Beach
Don't let the majestic blue water confuse you. This isn't your average tropical getaway. Despite the beauty of Coconut Beach, this Punta Gorda, Belize masterpiece has more bite than bark. Constructed throughout a rugged Caribbean jungle, nature will likely force you to use every club in your bag. And when the dense trees aren't standing between you and the flag, the ancient ruins will serve as a formidable, antique foe.

Bear Lodge
Nestled between some of Alaska's tallest mountains, Hatcher Pass is the location of Bear Lodge, and one of the most breathtaking 18-hole adventures that nature has to offer. With the snow-covered mountain tops serving as a backdrop, a variety of traditional golf elements will greet you throughout your round. Strategically placed rivers and lakes will force you to take chances on drivable par-4s and par-5s. Do you play it safe or go for the gusto?

Jack Rabbit Junction
Situated directly under the sweltering sun, Jackrabbit Junction is an 18-hole trek well off the beaten path. Unlike most desert courses, this Gila Bend, Arizona creation is not jam-packed with sand, but instead spreads across the dry, sun-drenched earth that stopped growing grass long ago. Miss the green or stray from the fairway, and you'll likely have to deal with the many cacti situated throughout. Be careful on that follow-through!

Cape Haven
Tucked away in Nag's Head, North Carolina, Cape Haven is home to the largest sand dunes on the east coast and one of the most unique golfing experiences in the entire country. While the plentiful dunes can impact your round if you happen to miss the fairway, the choppy Atlantic seas can also come into play on errant drives and approaches. Bring your sandals and your sand wedge; you're going to need them.

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And... yes, it's me. Not usually one to toot my own horn, but this shot was all sorts of kickass, and I'm surprised 15 ladies didn't ask for my number on the spot. Only 14 did:

Totally how I planned it.

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It's well known throughout Colorado that my friends and I are Golden Tee addicts. Sober(eh who am I kidding?), hammered, whatever... we play this game a lot at the bar.

So I figured I'd start posting some awesome Golden Tee shots that are entertaining to watch even if you've never played the game.

We'll start off with this one that's a putt on hole 17 of Tundra Peak(one of the new courses that's featured in Golden Tee Live 2012):

Absolutely ridiculous. Whoever made this shot probably took off their pants and ran circles in celebration at the bar. I know I would've.

P.S. I made a hole-in-one last night. No biggie:

Thigh Five: Golden Tee

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Showing Off: Golden Tee Style

Posted by Matt Clapp | 3/04/2010 03:45:00 PM | , , , ,

To entertain ourselves around here, usually booze is involved. And usually when we're drinking booze at the bar, a nice game or two of Golden Tee comes into play. Last night was one such night, and I hit a pretty freaking badass/lucky shot in the world's greatest sports bar arcade game. Since I have few things to be proud of in life, I'm showing off my shot(Golden Tee uploaded it, it's not like we had a video camera there recording it, although we've certainly considered it):

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