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Prepare to experience sexual magic from Electric Dream Machine, and not just on FX.

In early January, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia had over three seasons taken off of the website Hulu, where people were able to view full episodes of the show for free. Hulu viewers were furious and complained profusely, and Hulu put all of the episodes back up... for two weeks. On January 25th, 40 of the episodes were removed again and Hulu posted this message:

As of Jan. 25, 2009, Hulu can offer 5 rolling episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at a time. One new episode is added weekly as an older one is taken down; the episodes posted on Hulu reflect a schedule set by the content owner, FX.
Well now we know the reason for it. According to Press Democrat, FX is trying to get "Sunny" syndicated on other television networks to show reruns:

"We're getting ready to take the show into syndication," said John Solberg, a spokesman for FX in a phone interview.

New episodes will continue to premier on FX, but the company wants to sell the rights to broadcast older seasons to other networks, Solberg said.

Apparently having every episode online and available to watch for free was a deterrent to that sale.
I'd guess Comedy Central is the most likely channel for syndication. "Sunny" has some pretty bad language for a network television show and the subjects are definitely suited only for adults. TBS scoops of popular comedies left and right, but I don't know if they'd allow this content on their network. Whatever it's on, it will surely be aired late at night.

For those of you without cable access, the good news is Hulu will put up ten episodes of the show instead of five when the new season of "Sunny" begins in the fall.

I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite clips from the show. Oh, and we'll have a breakdown of Day Man Vs. Green Man(nope, not Night Man as Day Man already has him beat) in the coming weeks...

BallHype: hype it up!

Remember when MTV was cool in the 90's, when they just played music videos all day long instead of reality shows about high schools and the constant whining and drama from skanks?

Well, the television channel doesn't seem to be changing, but at least they've started a great website full of over 16,000 videos with more to come daily. The website is MTV Music.

Yes, we have YouTube, but it seems the quality of these videos is very good. It's very Hulu-esque, and surely the success we've seen with that site played a big part in MTV launching this. Plus, there's a lot of videos from MTV's library nobody else has found that are available on this site. Lastly, you won't have to dig through a bunch of similar results to find what you're looking for. Just type the artist or song, and you'll be right there.

And yes if you're wondering about advertising, that will be a major part of this just like Hulu, but not yet at least. Hopefully they won't have 30 second advertisements before each video.

I'd imagine there's some videos currently on YouTube that MTV may do their best to have taken off of there, such as "Unplugged" concerts or really anything that's an MTV exclusive. So you might be forced to go to this site in the end anyway.

Also, I'll add this to our "Sites We Like" list.

I leave you with an example of MTV Music, with one of my favorite songs, and certainly my favorite "Unplugged" performance out there:

BallHype: hype it up! Add to RootZoo

TBS, which has broadcast "Seinfeld" for years, has started putting episodes online. It's the first time they've ever been available online, legally, but don't try watching them on a Mac. Like all of its video (except for the pre-roll promos), Time Warner-owned (TWX) TBS is requiring you run Microsoft Windows (MSFT) to watch Jerry and the gang.

TBS's logic in putting "Seinfeld" online seems sound. The show has probably wrung the towel on TV viewers at this point, and could potentially reach new viewers online at healthy ad rates. TBS will rotate episodes, starting with "The Truth," "The Muffin Tops," "The Yada Yada," and "The Millennium."

Turner says the reason they're not Mac-friendly is they use Microsoft's DRM software to protect their valuable assets.

Unfortunately, that also invites Mac (AAPL) users to get their Seinfeld fix from illegal sources, such as BitTorrent. Which really doesn't help TBS much, or Sony Pictures Television (SNE), which owns the show, does it?

For those of you Seinfeld fanatics that don't own most or all of the DVD's, this is good news. For those of you with a Mac, this isn't good news of course.
By the way, if you haven't discovered Hulu yet and enjoy pretty much any running show from Fox, NBC, Mojo, and more, you need to. Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Office, 30 Rock, Family Guy... you name it, it's on there. You can always link there from our site by the way with a simple click in our "Sites We Like" section in the right margin. It seriously kicks ass, and the streaming videos are in kickass quality.