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I'm watching NBA TV at 2:15 AM(MT) because I'm pretty much an insomniac, and a basketball nut. Good story, I know. Anyway, this commercial just came on:

Ah yes, nothing says "Ron Artest" or "Josh Howard" like Sesame Street characters singing. And who is awake watching television at 4:15 AM ET that doesn't know how to sneeze properly?

Update: The next commercial break featured an Extenze commercial with Jimmy Johnson. From Sesame Street characters teaching you how to sneeze, to a former NFL coach promoting penis enlargement pills.

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It appears my Chicago Bulls are in for another average season at best, but at least they have Derrick Rose. The former Memphis point guard was of course the #1 overall pick in the draft this year, and is already looking like the best player on the team. Yes, that speaks volumes about how bad they could be, but impressive for a 19-year-old kid nonetheless.

Tonight they were getting their asses handed to them by the Dallas Mavericks in a pre-season contest, and Rose led them back from a 23 point deficit to win. Yeah, Dirk, Terry, Kidd, and Howard were out during most of that time, but it was still incredible what Rose did.

He absolutely just took the game over in the 4th quarter. He'd looked tentative in the previous games, but he finally had that "I'm the best player on this team and it's time for me to win it" attitude that I wasn't so sure we'd see for awhile.

Anyway, here's the highlights of his 30 point output off the bench tonight. There's some pretty sick moves on this video, dude is lightning quick to the basket. He better be starting next week.

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Who fucking cares? It really cracks me up when people are shocked about this type of stuff. I'd guess at least 60% of the NBA players smoke weed, and probably do quite a bit more that would really open your eyes if you think taking a bong rip here and there is bad. Look at all of the thugs in the league. Stephen Jackson probably blows lines off of strippers' tits on your average off-season night, while Monta Ellis gives her a pearl necklace, and Baron Davis videotapes. However, when the season comes along, they're all business. Now, if Howard's doing this before the games for example, or gets himself in a situation where he could be arrested, then this is an absolutely different story. I do however think that the timing of this "news" certainly is terrible, just like Carmelo's DUI was. Howard is in the middle of a playoff series, which he happens to be losing 2-0, and the last thing a team needs is a distraction like this. He should have waited a few weeks to tell us about this.
Anyway... It sounds like this is just an off-season recreational choice for himself.
"Most of the players in the league use marijuana," he said, "and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the off-season sometimes. That's my personal choice and my personal opinion, but I don't think that's stopping me from doing my job."
My favorite part of all this is that the quote is from Howard's interview on The Michael Irvin Show. Michael Irvin! In the clip they played on ESPN from the interview, Irvin was pretty much lecturing Howard about the bad situation he's put himself in, how this will hurt his image, etc. The same guy that was arrested for cocaine possession years ago, and most recently marijuana possession in 2005.

Oh, and I can't wait to hear what Bill Walton has to say about all this..."WHAT could be better? It seems like just yesterday Josh Howard and I were sitting in my teepee here in the ever so beautiful San Diego summer, listening to the soothing sounds of the Grateful Dead, discussing the art of the jumpball as well as the classical human being that is Boris Diaw, and getting some extra relaxation courtesy of an old green friend of mine. This is what it's all about."