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Susan Ward is one of our older participants, but dammit I don't care. Look at her. You know what older means? More experience. I would love to experience her over and over again. For my money her hot shower scene Wild Things 2 is better than the Denise Richards / Neve Campbell scene from the first Wild Things.

Susan Ward



Kari Wuhrer probably wins the award for being the most truely horrible movies. A lot to of them you probably haven't seen. Watching her shake her lucious ass would be the only reason to watch any of these flicks. Than again, she's a pretty good reason. Hopefully my future wife still looks this good at 40.

Kari Wuhrer

Kari wuhrer

Road to the Thighnal Four

It's hogwash that we have to do it this way, but I think it's the best call. I don't think everybody would vote again for these games, and we need to move on. These were the girls that were winning before the polls "crashed". For some reason the Beckinsale/Portman poll is up again, but it started over, and Beckinsale's winning again. I'll take it down.
Beckinsale will play the winner of the Jennifer Love-Hewitt/Diora Baird match which is up to vote for below this post right now, so please do that if you have not already. #2 seed Anna Kournikova's 2nd round game is already set. She will take on #7 seed Eva Longoria. Rachel Bilson will face the winner of the Susan Ward/Kari Wuhrer duel.

To see the full bracket, go here:
Road To The Thighnal Four