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There's been plenty of unbelievable college football plays on this Saturday (especially in the SEC Championship between Alabama and Georgia... that game was absolutely bonkers), and the best one came in the Big Ten Championship Game between Nebraska and Wisconsin.

As I write this, Wisconsin is leading Nebraska 42-10 at halftime, so it's surprising that the spectacular play actually came from Nebraska, and their quarterback Taylor Martinez.

Watch Martinez run about 300 yards all over the field, for what was officially a 76-yard touchdown (oh, and with Gus Johnson on the call):

Thigh Five: The Big Lead

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Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is an incredible football player. He also may be out of his mind.

Okay, so the 2010 Defensive Rookie of the Year is probably just extremely confident, and you want that in a football player. Aside from being just a freak of an athlete(hell, he's 307 pounds and the Lions' backup kicker) and talented football player, Suh's desire is what makes him so great.

But... c'mon man:
Asked on NFL Network if he thinks the sky is the limit for the Lions, Suh answered, “No question.” And then he let loose with an extremely confident assertion.

“I don’t see there’s a reason why we can’t be 16-0,” Suh said. “As long as we put in that hard work throughout -– I don’t know if we’re going to have OTAs, but throughout camp and getting ready for that 2011 season — as long as we stay healthy and are putting in that work, I think we should be happy with what we end up with.”
Link: Pro Football Talk

I totally get that he's just showing confidence in his team and in a way challenging the rest of them to step it up. But, as that article points out, the Lions haven't had a single winning season since 2000, and just went 0-16 in 2008. They went 6-10 in 2010.

The Lions are improving and finally headed in the right direction(it appears), but let's see them get to the playoffs first(or just have a winning record even) before we talk about 16-0 seasons.

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I'm sure that everybody has an opinion regarding the college they loathe the most in the world. For many I suppose it is their alma mater's rival. For many others I'm sure that the choice comes from the following short list:

- Ohio State

- Southern Cal

- Notre Dame

- Duke

- Michigan

Here's my top 3: (sorted from most hated to slightly less hated)

Arizona State

I freaking despise ASU. I've always disliked their sports, their colors and their city. ASU is the second largest campus in the nation in 2008. Second largest!?! The rest of the top 10 make sense: they are in states with large populations, they are near large metropolitan centers, etc. ASU? I know its in Phoenix, but Phoenix isn't that big. What does that say to me? That the kids that can't get into the U C's or even the Cal St's go to Tempe were admission standards are low and the fun is high. The campus is fun, you won't find many where the fun button is pushed harder. And to me that means......NOTHING!!!!


This is based as much upon jealousy as it is on actually disliking UF. Screw you Gators and all of your fancy National Championships!!! I always thought UF was the "good school" in Florida. I've recently found out that Miami and FSU are actually much better schools and that if you can breathe you can go to UF. Mostly though I'm just bitter and pissed and jealous that those bastards keep winning. Share the wealth selfish bastards.


Husker's all throughout the world can suck my feet. I shouldn't limit it to the Big Red, I hate the entire state of Nebraska. The world would be a better place without Nebraska. When Nebraska teams lose angels cry tears of joy and cute baby kitten is born.

Bonus Pick:


Ok, I don't actually dislike UCLA, but the parking cops in Westwood are fucking dicks. I've lived there the last two years and my resume looks something like: 3 tows and 5 tickets. You dicks!!!!

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The Titans won again last weekend. They are the last unbeaten team left in the NFL. This is fantastic if you aren't a Titans fan. Only twice in the last 10 NFL seasons, 2006 Colts & 1999 Rams, has the last unbeaten team won the Super Bowl. As a strange sidenote, 4 times in that span the eventual champ lost in Week 1.

Thats not the point of this post.

I've been wanting to talk for weeks about Vince Young is at best a mediocre quarterback. The Titans are good for the following reasons (in order):
1.) Jeff Fisher
2.) Good Defense
3.) Good Running Game
4.) Good Special Teams
5.) Good Home record

For God sakes Kerry "I can't stay sober long enough to say the ABC's" Collins is 6-0 as a starter this year. Put Alf in as QB and this squad is still going to be competitive.

I've seen several other posts on various sites about this same topic over the last week or so. I wanted to come at it from a different perspective.

I love Texas Longhorn football fans. They are classy, cordial, knowledgeable about the game and unlike Nebraska and Oklahoma fans they can spell the name of a.) their mascot and b.) the state their university is located in.

Let me digress for a moment to say that I hate Nebraska and Oklahoma fans. I love in Big XII country, I read Big XII blogs. OU and NU fans love to suck each other off and use phrases like "respect the game" "respect college football" and "far classier than second rate programs".


I digress. Texas fans have an unbreakable love affair with VY. I get it. He led y'all to the National Championship game in the best college football game in recent memory. I think that the USC team from that year and year before are in the top 5 all time great college football teams, so that speaks volumes as to how impressive I find UT's victory. I digress again.

Texas fans please just admit that VY is not a good quarterback. He is a freak athlete. He's a cool guy from what I've heard. He singlehandedly made Mack Brown look good. But please, please get off his knob. He is not a good quarterback. This year proves that he is not a good quarterback. I don't want to dislike Texas fans, but dammit if they keep sucking VY's teet I'll have no option.

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